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Indy MD Angels is made up of some of the best & brightest brain, spine, and nerve doctors in the world.  Together with angel investors from private equity, Indy MD Angels is here to help your company succeed.

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We Have Your Back

The West and East Coasts dominate the startup scene and raise the most money. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave the Midwest to be successful.

Indy MD Angels have in the past and will in the future invest in companies anywhere that fit our investment criteria. However, most of the angel investors in our group live in the Midwest region and conduct our business here as well. That means we will support your company any way we can to be successful without having to leave home. In this day and age there a company can gain access to all the tools it needs from anywhere. Indy MD Angels is unique in that you have angel investors who have vast experience and networks outside of the region.